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Villagers & Entertainers of Queensferry

     Step back through the ages to a time long past, to Queensferry, Scotland in the Spring of 1540 A.D. - where the villagers gather to make merry and celebrate the arrival of their beloved Monarchs!

      Visit with members of the Royal Courts of Queen Etain, Queen Margaret Tudor, and Queen Marie de Guise as they renew the Ancient Alliance.


Queen Etain of the Fae Folk

The Peoples of Queensferry


Queen Margaret Tudor

Queen Marie de Guise

Queen Etain of the Fae Folk

The Auldmon

Chiron the Bard, Harpist

Alexander Silver, Traveling Bard

Mick & His Privates

Random Acts

Regalia International, Birds of Prey

Fugli , Wandering Minstrel

Caryls Shael , Dulcimer Mistress

Skydancer Productions, Aerialist 

Red McWilliams , Americas Celt

Doug Russell, Wandering Minstrel

Chiron the Bard.jpg
Red McWilliams.jpg
Queen Marie de Guise.jpg
Carys Shael.jpg
Mick OCelty.jpg
Random Acts.jpg

New for 2023 - "The Kerridwynn" award for the best outstanding Performing Artist, be they stage or street cast.  Be sure to stop by the Festival Booth to cast YOUR vote for the recipient of this Prestigious Award named in Honor of our own Lord Kerridwynn, Royal Bard.


Eternal Remembrance of
Lord Kerridwynn a.k.a. Jon C. Reneau
25 Oct 1952 - 04 Jan 2022
Forever in our Hearts & Mind,
Godspeed My Friend, you have gone
far too soon.

Photo credit Mrs. Heidi Reneau

Lord Kerridwynn.jpg

All Photos (c) 2016 Pamela Vickroy except where noted

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