Williams Entertainment: Who We Are & What We Do

     The masterminds behind Williams Entertainment's stage shows have been Kittye Williams and Pamala Williams, veteran renaissance festival performers with over 35 years of combined performance experience, who have been working and performing together for a decade and a half.

     In the early 2000s Ms. Williams began portraying the now infamous Captain Emerald Shaunassey of the Salty Kiss; a tough-as-nails, social conventions disregarding, no nonsense kind of Privateer in the lanes at various renaissance festivals in Oklahoma and Northern Texas.  Other crew members came and went, and along the way The Ladies of the Salty Kiss evolved from a lane interaction group to a full-fledged stage show; the only one of its kind that featured an all female cast who performed all original comedic sketches … something that was unheard of among the coed and male singing and comedy crews who dominated the stages and lanes at renaissance festivals across the nation.   Then in December 2004, a spirited and enthusiastic lady, Mrs. Pamala Williams, auditioned for the role of Diamond, Ship’s Goaler.  Kittye (and Emerald) met their new best friend and performance partner; though neither Ms. Williams nor Mrs. Williams knew it that day. ​

     In 2010, the Williams' were handed a dream … the opportunity to add Festival Owners to their resumes.  Though only held for one season, the Missouri Renaissance Festival gave both Williams’ the opportunity to use their accumulated skills and knowledge from their solo and combined performances years to produce a ‘Rennie’s’ renaissance festival.


     With the closing of MoRF and a downturn in the call for pirate entertainers, the Williams’, whom were ready to hand up their bodices and 'retire,' turned their attention to what else they could do.  In the end, they turned to their love of music and singing; which had entertained them on the road to-and-from events and took a leap of faith to see where the next chapter in their careers would lead them as they launched their singing duo in a market that already had a plethora of talented individuals with remarkable voices.​


     The Shanty Lasses officially launched in November 2011 and the duo began entertaining renaissance faire-goers with their own style and brand of song; combining their traditional favorites, new arrangements of some ren faire standards, and of course their own original works of song and comedy.  After all, some things never change (nor should they!).  In 2014 The Shanty Lasses evolved into a three person group, now renamed Native Souls, featuring the songwriting, singing, and playing skills of Mr. Doug Russell from Stigler, Oklahoma.  May 2015 saw the addition of more musicians to Native Souls as well as the addition of a Rom encampment to house everyone at events. 

     In 2015 Kittye launched Grand Lake Renaissance Festival in Vinita, Oklahoma to bring some positive attention to her home town.  Plans continue to open Shark Bay Pirate Festival, once non-profit status has been attained.

     I hope to see you all out at the Festivals!


      - Kittye for all of Williams Entertainment staff and crew

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