Williams Entertainment Company: A Brief History

     Williams Entertainment Company, the brain child of Vinita, Oklahoma native Kittye Williams, was born in early 2000 with the launch of the first all female, comedy privateer crew, The Ladies of the Salty Kiss.  In 2010, Ms. Williams and her co-actress, Mrs. Pamala Williams were given the struggling Joplin Keltoi Renaissance Festival that they reworked, relocated to Neosho, Missouri, and relaunched as The Missouri Renaissance Festival.​


     November 2011 saw the creation of The Shanty Lasses, comprised of both Williams' singing familiar Irish, ren faire, and original songs.  In 2014 The Shanty Lasses evolved into a trio and was renamed Native Souls.  May 2015 saw the addition of more musicians to Native Souls as well as the incorporation of a Rom encampment to house everyone at events.

     Wanting to give something back to her hometown of Vinita, the Greater Grand Lake, and the entire Four States Region, Kittye decided to launch Grand Lake Renaissance Festival in March 2015.  Grand Lake Renaissance Festival is set in 1540 Queensferry, Scotland during the reign of James V.   

     Summer 2019 saw the long awaited achievement of obtaining Not-For-Profit Status for Williams Entertainment Company and all its subsidiary entities; thus opening funding sources for better events and ventures for Williams Entertainment Company.  The governing Board of Directors have plans in the works for the future of Williams Entertainment Company and new events for patrons residing in all of the Four States Region … and beyond.

     January 2022, Ms. Williams resigned her position as CEO & President of Williams Entertainment, leaving it in the very capable hands of Mrs. Pamala Williams.  Never fear though, Kittye will still be seen performing with Native Souls.

The Board of Directors, the Cast, and Crew of Williams Entertainment wish Ms. Williams the best in the future.


 Pamala Williams