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Diamond, First Mate

Diamond, First Mate

Diamond, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland began her past life as a jeweler of high renown alongside her husband; it was that occupation that gave Diamond her now customary squint.  One fateful trip, their ship was attacked by Spanish pirates who took not only their gems but also her husband's life.  Devastated after his murder, Diamond joined The Salty Kiss as the Ship's Gaoler to seek her revenge against the Spanish. Diamond is the ship's resident muse and can often be found singing shanties and ditties of her own creation while carrying out her duties. Having remained faithful all these many years, Diamond has been promoted to rank of First Mate of The Salty Kiss, it is now her onerous chore and duty to keep the crew in line and in as much order as possible … May God help her in this challenging endeavor.


About The Actress:

Pamala Williams is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She has been performing on stage since she was 4 years old, adding Renaissance performer to her repertoire in 2000. She enjoys singing, acting, and general tom-foolery. Pamala is a gifted lady, published author and poet, and can often be found writing her own limericks, songs and poetry which she enjoys performing for anyone who will listen.  She is one of two full time actresses with the troupe.

Photo (c) 2011 Ashe Raye

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