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Captain Emerald Shaunassey

Emerald was born on the deck of The Salty Kiss, coming into port at her hometown of Foynes, Ireland.  The only child of a sea faring father, and inheriting her father's ship as well as his debts, she was destined to sail the seas.  Being red-haired, Irish, and Catholic in a growing Protestant world, she knows how it is to be downtrodden and scorned.  When not working alongside her crew aboard ship, Emerald can be found in the nearest public house, playing bodhran or games of chance that are afoot, or in the nearest "gentleman's club" daring them to kick her cigar smoking self to the street.  Emerald is far from your traditional or conventional Renaissance woman.


About The Actress:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Kittye Williams, a native of Vinita, Oklahoma, is the creator, owner, and manager of TLotSK. Kittye comes from a musical background, having performed in a variety of musical ensembles and vocal choirs throughout her school years.  Hooked after attending her first renaissance faire, she became a "professional" actress in 1999.  She enjoys making people laugh and tends to be the troupe's practical joker.  When not performing at an event, she can be found pursuing her career as a Registered Nurse.  She is one of two full time actresses with the troupe.

Captain Emerald Shaunassey
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