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Garnet, Mistress Gunner ... A.K.A. 'Darn-it Garnet!'

Garnet, who hails from France and is Mistress Gunner of The Salty Kiss, joined the crew to hunt down the sweet smiling, lying no-good scoundrel who jumped ship on her. (Men, Argh!)  When she finds him, she plans on blowing him out of the water - as soon as she can find a gun big enough for the job … and as soon as she can learn to aim better …  Dynamite does indeed come in deceptively cute and petite packages.

About the Actress:​​​​​​​​​​

Jackie Reavis, originally from East Texas, these days calls West Texas home.  She discovered Renaissance Faires over ten years ago thanks to her husband.  She has performed at faires for over five years as cast and with stage shows - there is nothing better for a mid-life crisis.  Jackie says "Never make friends with pirates - you'll get shanghaied, dressed up like a pirate, and thrust on stage for the time of your life."  When not at faires she can be found pursuing her career in the Public School Education system.  She is one of the part time actresses with the troupe.

Garnet, Female Privateer
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