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The Ladies of the Salty Kiss: The Original All Female Privateers

Ship at Sunset
"Women Who Behave Rarely Make History … And We Intend to Leave Our Mark!tm"

Prepare yourself for the most "Pyratical Comedy" you will ever hear (or see!).  The Ladies of the Salty Kiss have left smiles and laughter in their wake at events all over the Mid West since their founding in 2002.​

TLotSK are an all female comedy troupe portraying Crown Privateers, or "Legalized Pirates," spanning the Tudor through Cavalier eras in history.  They are a unique and first of their kind "Pyrate Crew" - performing "Comedy at its MOST Pyraticaltm" rather than singing.  Based in N.E. Oklahoma, TLotSK are comprised of improvisation street performers that have well over 30 combined years of performing experience, and whom specialize in Renaissance Faires around the Mid West. 

TLotSK primarily perform comedy stage shows at Renaissance Festivals as well as providing patron interactions in the lanes designed to not only please patrons of all ages but, give them a slice of life they do not normally see at Renaissance Faires. Additionally, TLotSK also provides historical information and interactive "color" to school assemblies, movie promotions, and summer reading programs, Nautical Themed Events, Private and Corporate Parties. 

ATTENTION LADIES: ​If you think this life is for you and have that "special comedic spark" then send a missive to the Captain via the U.P.S. (United Parrot Service), asking to "Sign the Ship's Articles and Go On Account," as we are accepting applications for stouthearted women to join our ranks.

Pass the word - The Ladies have arrived and life as you have known it will never be the same...​

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