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Native Souls Welcomes You to the Vardo of The Kumpania Misfit!

Native Souls Girls.jpeg

L-R: Natasha, Zara, Sasha; in Back: Shefra
KCRF 2021


Vlad the Verbose


Natasha the Wise


Sasha the Flirt

Native Souls: A Band of Roma Musicians & Performers  from the Knowne World!


Natasha the Wise- Guitar, Recorder, & Vocals

Sasha the Flirt - Drums, Spoons, Bones, and Vocals



Part Time Performers:

Misha the Blunt - Vocals

Shefra the Bold - Vocals and General Silliness

Zara the Sweet - Vocals

Vlad the Verbose - Vocals, Shenanigans

Diana the Rose - Dancer and Novice

Misha CloseUp.jpg

Misha the Blunt

Diana the Rose.jpg
Ok Native Souls.jpg

DragonFest Oct 2021

Diana the Rose


<--  Shefra

  Zara -->


To Book Native Souls for your next Festival, Wedding, or Other Event kindly send us an e-mail to: or call us at 918-244-1887 for booking rates, we look forward to entertaining you and yours!

Native Souls Logo.jpg
Native Souls KCRF 2019.jpg

Native Souls at KCRF 2019
Shefra, Sasha, Natasha, Esmeralda, & Mater

All Native Souls Photos (c) of Native Souls
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