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On Hold indefinately

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      With the assumed "retirement" of Pirate Queen Ivana, a void has formed sending a flurry of speculation and machinism among the pirates and privateers, scallywags and buccaneers, sea dogs and sailors of the Pirate Republic.  


     Now come all the scoundrels of the seas, converging on the island of Hispaniola at the pirate’s hide-a-way known as Port Morgan to vote in not only a new Counsel of Captains but, the new Pirate Queen or King of the Pirate Republic.  Over two days this fall, pirates from all points of the globe will compete, jostle, bribe and cajole fellow pirates and visitors alike for enough votes to claim a coveted chair at the Counsel's table ... or strive for the Throne Itself.


     Games of chance and skill; music; food; and sweet drinks will be available for comers of all ages; and for those few brave and adventurous youngsters willing to complete in the Crown Challenge to earn their own share of booty; they will be given the opportunity to sign Ship’s Articles and take their place among the Brethren of the Pirate Republic.

Pirate Queen Ivana
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Pirate Queen Ivana
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