What you need to know about Shark Bay Pirate Festival

What Are the Hours & location of the festival?
Dates and Location: TBD
What Are the ticket prices?
Ticket Price TBA
Can I bring my pet to the festival?
No, we ask that you leave your pets at home.  Licensed Service Animals however, are always welcome.
Can I camp on site?
At this time, camping is only for Festival Participants.  There are motels & hotels in Ketchum, Big Cabin, Vinita & Grove, Oklahoma.  Download the list of area accommodations  Here. 


How Can I get involved in the festival?
Contact us by e-mail at SharkBayPirateFestival@yahoo.com or by phone at either 918-639-6764.


How Can I become a participant in the festival?
Interested Village Merchants, download the Merchant Participant Application by clicking Here.

Interested Street or Stage Participant, download the Cast Participant Application by clicking Here.
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